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Portia Pliam

Portia Pliam

MPN Survivor & Patient Advocate

Portia’s MPN journey began 12 years ago when she was diagnosed with ET. There was a big adjustment period in the beginning years, but since then, she has managed to find balance in her life. Portia enjoys spending time with her friends, playing squash, and any winter sport! Although ET is a huge part of her life, she doesn’t let it hold her back from her dreams. Portia calls Northern California her home, but she loves to travel and explore. She is a recent graduate of Los Altos High, and plans to spend college in Connecticut after her gap year in Minnesota. During her gap year, Portia is interning with MPN Advocacy Education and International as well as the George Washington Nutrition Science division. She hopes that her story can inspire other young patients to live a full and positive life, without letting their diagnosis take control.

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