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Raul E. Storey, MD

Raul E. Storey, MD

Medical Oncologist/Hematologist, Florida Cancer Specialists

Dr. Storey-Rojas has dedicated himself to continuously strive for excellence and offering his patients the most advanced and personalized care possible. Upon initiating his career, he served as the Research Project Coordinator for an oncology group in Houston, TX. During his residency and fellowship, Dr. Storey-Rojas gained experience with the MD Anderson Cancer Center Bone Marrow Transplantation and Cellular Therapy Department. He has published in many prestigious publications including the Journal of Oncology and Medical Oncology and has presented at conferences in the United States and internationally. He is a Board Member of the FL Cancer Foundation.  Dr. Storey-Rojas is a sports enthusiast and enjoys running, paddlesurfing, and polo as well as traveling and playing guitar.

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