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Rebekkah Erks, LCSW

Rebekkah Erks, LCSW

Social worker

Rebekkah Erks, LCSW, is a graduate of the University of Denver where she earned her Master of Social Work degree in 2009. Since graduating, she has specialized in adult and young adult transplant related services, serving both solid organ and bone marrow transplant patients. From 2009-2011, Rebekkah provided services in a solid organ transplant center working with patients who were in need of kidney, pancreas and/or liver transplants. Since 2011, she has worked at the Colorado Blood Cancer Institute at P/SL Medical Center in Denver, CO. She continues to serve patients in need of bone marrow transplants and their families. In her free time, Rebekkah enjoys snowboarding, the outdoors, dancing and cheering on the Green Bay Packers.

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