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Reina Weiner

Reina Weiner

Myeloma Survivor

In 1999, blood work revealed Reina Weiner had a monoclonal gamopathy – MGUS. She was later diagnosed with Multiple Myeloma in 2012. Her treatment included three clinical trials – two at The NCI and one at MSK. In 2017 she received an autologous stem cell transplant at the Carolinas Medical Center in Charlotte, North Carolina. Being both a cancer patient, pharma industry professional and a dynamic adjunct professor for nursing students, Reina knew the right questions to ask after diagnosis.

Reina connected with experts at academic medical centers and investigators at the NIH – entering four clinical trials and undergoing a bone marrow transplant. It was through this experience, Reina began to see first hand some of the disparities patients were facing when it came to understanding treatment options, clinical trial options and asking the right questions, so she decided to take action.

Reina is author of The ABC’s of Trusting Yourself – How To Become An Empowered Patient – available for free on her website and her upcoming book – Trust Your Doctor, But Not That Much – Become Your Own, Best Healthcare Advocate are both necessary and informative roadmaps essential for visits to a healthcare provider. Reina is a diligent patient advocate dedicated to empowering patients to speak up for themselves no matter what.

In Reina’s own words,  “Pay attention, please. Ask for what you need.  Become your own, best healthcare advocate. Most importantly, if for whatever reason you can’t advocate for yourself, please find someone who can be there with you at the doctor’s office or in the hospital who can listen, speak up and advocate for you.  It’s that important.”

Reina S. Weiner is an inspiring published author, supportive mentor and a fun, enthusiastic speaker and blogger.  In her former career, Reina was a dedicated Oncology Representative and National Oncology Trainer within the pharmaceutical industry.


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