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Sandip Patel, MD

Sandip Patel, MD

Medical Oncologist and Associate Professor of Medicine, Department of Medicine, UC San Diego Health

Dr. Sandip Patel is an associate professor and medical oncologist in the Department of Medicine at UC San Diego Health. He received his medical degree at Baylor College of Medicine, while performing research at MD Anderson Cancer Center and then went on to complete a fellowship in medical oncology and hematology at Duke University School of Medicine, Duke Medical Center, and a residency in internal medicine at UC Los Angeles School of Medicine, UCLA Medical Center.

Dr. Patel specializes in cancer immunotherapy and early phase clinical trials involving immunotherapy across all types of cancer. He is currently focused on developing personalized therapies that stimulate a patient’s immune system to attack their specific tumor. Dr. Patel is part of UC San Diego Health’s Precision Immunotherapy Clinic that offers the most promising investigational immunotherapy treatments for many types of cancer.

Dr. Patel’s research focuses on developing biomarkers for personalized immunotherapy to better determine which combination of therapies works best for each patient. He is board-certified in internal medicine, medical oncology and hematology.

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