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Sasha Stanton, MD, PhD

Sasha Stanton, MD, PhD

Acting Instructor

Dr. Sasha Stanton is Acting Instructor at the University of Washington School of Medicine.  Her Hematology Oncology Fellowship was completed at Fred Hutchinson/University of Washington Hematology Oncology after she completed her residency at New York Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center Internal Medicine.  She received her medical degree from Albert Einstein College of Medicine and her PhD from Albert Einstein College of Medicine Molecular Genetics.  Her bachelor’s degree was earned from Mount Holyoke College.

Dr. Stanton’s clinical expertise is in breast cancer at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance.  She is also a member of the University of Washington Tumor Vaccine Group where she is involved in translational breast cancer research.  Dr. Stanton’s decision to work in health care as an oncologist was strongly influenced by the patients she met “who [were] strong and resilient in the face of treatment.”  Her patient care philosophy is to “work as a partner with my patients to provide care that is in line with the patient’s goals and desires.”  

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