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Sean Murray

Sean Murray

Patient Advocate

Sean Murray was diagnosed with stage III myeloma in November 2008 at the age of 49 after experiencing debilitating back pain. He was referred to UAMS Myeloma Institute. During the first round of diagnostics, he was hospitalized due to discovery of three collapsed vertebrae. After weighing his options, Sean chose to pursue an aggressive method of treatment and to participate in the Total Therapy 4 clinical trial. He relocated to Little Rock, Arkansas for 10 months and began the trial, which consisted of high-dose induction chemotherapy, tandem stem cell transplants and consolidation therapy. He returned home for three years of extended maintenance chemotherapies and has been in complete remission since 2009. Sean authors a blog, Myeloma Youreloma, through which he shares a positive, humorous, hopeful approach to battling the disease. He also writes a monthly column for The Myeloma Beacon titled "Sean's Burgundy Thread," based on the notion that all who are touched by multiple myeloma are connected together with an invisible "burgundy thread." Sean is married with two daughters, adopted from China—ages 12 and 19. Some his special areas of interest include international adoption, veterans' issues, church and raising dogs. For nearly 30 years, Sean has worked as a writer, entertainment producer, theatrical executive and as a creative consultant in various industries.

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