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Shelley Stewart

Shelley Stewart

Patient Advocate and Care Partner

Shelley Stewart has been married to Marty Stewart since 1975. They had two amazing kids, Dana (39) and Douglas (36).  Shelley was born and raised in University City, Missouri, a suburb of St. Louis.  She graduated from the University of Illinois and moved to Chicago, Illinois, working for the “Chicago Tribune” in advertising sales and marketing/research until Dana’s birth.  A stay-at-home mom for 10 years, Shelley went back to work in real estate and was the manager/realtor for Oak Brook, an Illinois firm, for 20 years.  Now Shelley is semi-retired and still does the books for the company. Her spare time is devoted to family and the not-for-profit, Dragonfly Angel Society, a web-based resource center for cancer survivors.

When Shelley’s daughter, Dana, was diagnosed with breast cancer, Shelley took on the role of care partner, her favorite title next to “Mom.”

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