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Suvani Singh

Suvani Singh

Patient Advocate

Suvani Singh was diagnosed with myelofibrosis (MF) in March 2012 at the age of 31. Originally from Nepal, Suvani began seeking a diagnosis when she had the flu and her symptoms, including extreme fatigue, would not go away.  After several blood tests, second opinions and a bone marrow biopsy, she was referred to the only hematologist in Nepal. While Suvani found the diagnosis overwhelming and was unhappy with her treatment plan, she also found strength in knowledge and began educating herself about myelofibrosis. She reached out to a friend in America who told her about doctors in Seattle who specialized in myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs) like myelofibrosis. In March 2013, Suvani traveled to Seattle and met with Dr. Bart Scott at Seattle Cancer Care Alliance. She describes the appointment as “one of the most clarifying meetings that I’ve ever had. Everything started to make sense.” Dr. Scott changed her treatment and developed a plan to monitor Suvani in Nepal through communication with her local physician and a hematologist in Singapore.  Suvani spent the last year educating herself and collaborating with her doctors to find a treatment that works best for her. She underwent a stem cell transplant in July 2015 and is doing well today. In her spare time, Suvani enjoys swimming, which is something she recently learned how to do.

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