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Taja Shabazz-Simmons

Taja Shabazz-Simmons

MPN Patient Advocate

Taja Shabazz-Simmons is a resilient, loving, caring, very determined woman who has a passion to change the world. At the age of 23 at the height of her career, she was diagnosed with a rare blood cancer called Polycythemia Vera. Polycythemia Vera is a part of a group of rare, chronic blood cancers known as myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs).

Through her battle with this rare blood cancer, Taja obtained her degree in Psychology and Criminal Justice. Taja is a warrior and inspiration to many. Taja has taken what could be deemed as a hidden darkness and has chosen to spread light throughout the world by founding Invisible to the Eye Inc. As one of the youngest individuals to be diagnosed with PV in the country and as the founder of Invisible to the Eye Inc., Taja’s goal is to find a cure for MPNs, and make that which is Invisible to the Eye, seen by many.

“My disease is mostly invisible to the eye. On the outside, I look completely normal, but inside, I’m in extreme pain.” – Taja

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