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Tammy .

Tammy .

CLL Patient Advocate

Tammy was diagnosed in December 2015 at age 56. She was experiencing symptoms, including a cold that wouldn’t go away and became very winded with any activity. Tammy’s physician thought she might be anemic, but blood tests suggested chronic lymphocytic leukemia (CLL). She was referred to Dr. John Burke at Rocky Mountain Cancer Centers, and he confirmed the diagnosis.  She began treatment right way on a combination chemotherapy clinical trial. After experiencing side effects from the trial, her treatment was changed to another therapy, which was a much better fit. Tammy completed treatment in October 2016, and she felt “fantastic.” She said, “I did not know what it felt like to feel good.” Her advice for a newly diagnosed patient? She said she would encourage people to get treatment and view it as a temporary situation: “I didn’t think about doom and gloom…[instead I asked] what can we do about this?”

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