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Terri Coutee

Terri Coutee

Breast Cancer Patient Advocate

Terri Coutee is a two-time breast cancer survivor and former teacher who has lived in eight different states and taught in six. Terri was originally diagnosed in April 2014 during a routine mammogram that revealed a suspicious mass on her breast tissue. The diagnosis came as a surprise—right in the midst of her pursuit of a MEd in Teacher Leadership, an aspiration that she thought would bring her overseas for international assignments. Terri’s health was brought to the forefront after she received a DIEP flap breast reconstruction, and she concentrated on her recovery while volunteering at the plastic surgery group she had her procedure with. Her lifelong purpose as an educator was redirected as Terri embraced her journey with breast cancer and became an advocate for others through her non-profit,, which provides invaluable information, support and resources to people undergoing a breast reconstruction after mastectomy. She has persevered and found a new strength as an educational figure in the breast cancer community by connecting with patients and providing insight on their treatment options and help finding support to heal and move on after diagnosis. Today, Terri passionately continues to engage and educate patients through social media (@6state), blogging, writing, and advocating with DiepCFoundation. 

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