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William B. Baun, EPD, CWP, FAWHP

William B. Baun, EPD, CWP, FAWHP

Wellness Expert

William Baun has a Bachelor of Science in Economics/Government from Louisiana State University, a Master's degree from the University of North Texas in Exercise Science, and he has completed doctoral work in Human Organizational Systems from the Fielding Institute. He is a prostate cancer survivor, and his passion is wellness. William has over 35 years of experience in worksite health promotion, serving wellness in the workplace. He sits on many boards and serves several companies bringing light to health and even fitness in the workplace. In addition to all that he does, William is also an enthusiastic and motivating workshop leader and keynote speaker. In Bills own words, his hope is to "stay present for the life moments I share with peers, friends, and loved one’s as I do this journey we call life.”

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