While the officials in Washington, D.C. tackle the toughest healthcare issues: too many people with no health insurance, therapies too expensive, poor access to care for some people, I have my own mission of bringing the latest information to the public so they can make smarter decisions.

I am excited to tell you an increasing number of leading medical centers and patient advocacy groups are eager to work with Patient Power to accomplish that.

Beginning in mid-February we will begin producing additional live webcasts and frequent interviews with experts from Northwestern Memorial Hospital in downtown Chicago. It is one of our very best centers and I am very excited about the collaboration. In mid-March we'll begin producing Patient Power through the web site of another of America's leading healthcare institutions, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Cancer Centerin Houston – where I had my initial cancer therapy and where my doctor works and does research on leukemia.

Discussions are underway to distribute Patient Power through the web sites of several other centers in New York City, Cincinnati, North Carolina, Los Angeles and San Francisco. So stay tuned!

If you have suggestions for a partner in your city, please let me know at andrew@patientpower.info.

In the meantime, look for many more programs available to you here starting in the coming weeks. And take advantage of sending us an email in advance or calling in while we are "on the air" to get your questioned answered by a leading expert.

One more thing: I have been invited to be a guest of the "Oprah and Friends" channel on XM satellite radio on the program hosted by noted author and Columbia University surgeon Dr. Mehmet Oz. I'll let you know when that will be on.

Exciting times!