I am very proud of Elizabeth and John Edwards, deciding to go on with the presidential campaign despite Elizabeth's breast cancer recurrence.

I am not sure if we crossed paths at UNC-Chapel Hill when we all went to school there, but I do feel a little connection with them as a Tar Heel and a cancer survivor.

I have hosted many town meetings with women with advanced breast cancer and heard many doctors talk about making it increasingly a chronic condition over many years. So shouldn't Elizabeth and John go on with their lives? They have so much to say about public policy and the issues let's not let the "c" word stop that vital effort.

Surely there are people who would decide otherwise. But I applaud this couple and their kids as they support them, in keeping on. Bad things happen to good people – the Edwards' already lost a son to a car accident – but life does have purpose. And the Edwards are people I admire who are determined to make a positive difference no matter what. My hat is off to them!