I continue to recognize it takes work to be a patient these days. You truly have to "get smart" to make better choices. While we want someone to just tell us what to do, it is no longer so easy.

The other day I interviewed Sabeen, a 17-year old young woman from Knoxville, Tennesee. She has been treated for osteosarcoma – bone cancer in her pelvis. She had chemotherapy in her hometown and surgery was recommended, but she would have faced radical removal of bone. Her family searched for a better approach and they found one her doctors didn't know about – Proton radiation therapy at M.D. Anderson Cancer Center in Houston. Sabeen was the first pediatric patient to receive this new, much more targeted approach. Only three cancer centers even have the multi-million dollar equipment. Sabeen thinks it has made a huge difference. Time will tell. But the point is she and her family did the research and made the choice.

I did the same with my leukemia treatment and I believe it worked out for me.

Now I am on the fence on how to evaluate other approaches like supplements. The other day I interview a cardiologist who believes vitamin C can repair damage to heart arteries. I'd never heard of that before and asked him why not. He spoke unkindly about heart doctors who would prefer to make money off expensive procedures after the damage is done. I am skeptical. But could he be the voice in the woods that has some validity?

So it comes back to all of us studying up on health issues that are important to us. Filtering out baloney, and checking sources. It could be lifesaving.

We'll do our part to bring you the latest, most credible information. And when we aren't sure, as with Dr. Levy, the vitamin C proponent the other day, we'll ask tough questions so the "red flags" will be evident for you, the