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Finding the Emotional Strength to Fight Breast Cancer

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Published on August 3, 2020

Coping Emotionally With Breast Cancer

Breast cancer survivor Fabianna Marie has endured 150 rounds of chemotherapy. She was diagnosed with breast cancer as a young mother to a one year old, and is here to share her story of living with breast cancer for 15 years. She shares the important lesson she learned during treatment from a fellow patient, "My darling, 99% of this is going to be your mental fight." Watch to hear her inspiring story.


Transcript | Finding the Emotional Strength to Fight Breast Cancer

Fabianna Marie:

Hi. I am Fabianna Marie here with Patient Power and I want to share my story.    

So, at the age of 27, I had a one-year-old daughter and I was experiencing a lot of lethargy. I was exhausted all the time and being a new mom I wasn't really thinking, oh, there's something wrong. I was just thinking this is motherhood. Six months after my diagnosis of an autoimmune disease called lupus, I went to have a breast reduction surgery and within that breast reduction surgery consultation, the doctor definitely felt something. And he brought me in for a mammogram and then things got pretty serious from there.

Then I had an ultrasound. Then I had a biopsy. Then I add another test and another test and I was diagnosed with breast cancer. Two and a half weeks later, I was in for surgery and had a partial mastectomy at the time. Since then, a year and a half after that, I was diagnosed with metastatic breast cancer. When you're diagnosed with metastatic, even though you've been through breast cancer, your entire world changes. Because at that point, there are no other options. You basically have metastatic breast cancer for the rest of your life and right now there is no cure.

But because I decided to educate myself and really dive into the education piece and wellness piece of living, I've been able to thrive. And I’m not saying that over 150 rounds of chemotherapy, hasn't knocked me on my butt more times than I can shake a stick at, but because I have the knowledge and because I have this mental fight, things are a little different for me.

The mental fight came from a woman at my first oncology appointment, where I sat in the waiting room with sweaty palms and just completely feeling broken. She leaned over and said to me, "my darling, 99% of this is going to be your mental fight." I have taken that with me every day and have probably shared it every day with somebody that I know needs to hear those same exact words.

So, if you take anything away from what I'm saying today, 15 years into breast cancer, 99% of this is your mental fight and knowledge is power. So, this is perfect because we're talking about Patient Power. So if you feel that you've been broken, if you feel that this diagnosis has taken your power away, my darlings, 99% of this is your mental fight. Take that power back.

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