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The Pink Fund: Financial Relief for Breast Cancer Patients

Published on November 26, 2019

36% of women are unable to return to their previous place of employment after cancer,” says Molly MacDonald, Founder and CEO of The Pink Fund. How can patients and families deal with the expense? Molly shares how, after receiving a breast cancer diagnosis and going through devastating financial adversity, she felt empowered to help others overcome cancer-related financial toxicity. Watch as Molly explains how The Pink Fund is bridging the gap between the impact of cancer on a person’s livelihood, cost of care and financial support by providing a 90-day buffer to help those in active treatment deal with housing, transportation, utilities and insurance bills. 

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Thank you so much for all you do for cancer patients and families. I think this is incredible - never before have I felt so able to find out critical information for my family members on health issues, especially my sister. Y’all not only educate but give me hope. That is the best part.

— Annie

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