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Let's Talk Metastatic Breast Cancer

Lets Talk About Breast Cancer

Sometimes it’s the first bad news a woman hears. Sometimes it appears after she thinks she’s put breast cancer behind her. Always, it’s a shock.

“Let’s Talk Metastatic Breast Cancer” is an eight-part series of 30-minute webinars that will air monthly, from May to December 2020. This online series will bring together metastatic patients, their doctors, researchers and social workers to explore the challenges of being a metastatic breast cancer patient.

The series is structured around the chronology of the patients’ journey. We will begin with the moment of diagnosis, then on through prognosis and treatment while touching on the tribulations that metastatic disease poses to everyday lives. How does breast cancer affect working, caregiving and intimacy? We will ask experts to help us understand the future, both medically and personally, for life with metastatic disease. What are today’s clinical trials all about? How is the world of the metastatic patient evolving? “Let’s Talk Metastatic Breast Cancer” will offer metastatic patients the information and resources they’re looking for, and the sense of community that is so important.

This series is sponsored by Seattle Genetics. This organization has no editorial control. It is produced by Patient Power, and Patient Power is solely responsible for program content.

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Episode 6 of 8

Let's Talk Metastatic Breast Cancer: When Someone You Love Has MBC

Tuesday, October 20, 2020
Time: 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

Advanced breast cancer doesn’t just affect the patient. A panel of partners share their experiences of living with someone with long-term disease. Join us to hear practical advice on how best to care for metastatic breast cancer patients, both those in active treatment and those who are disease-free.

Topic Area: Breast Cancer
Type: Online
Time: 1:00 PM – 1:30 PM Pacific Time (US and Canada)

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