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Editorial Policy

At Patient Power, credibility is the cornerstone of everything we do. For that reason, we maintain complete editorial independence in the production of health information programs.. Veteran journalist Andrew Schorr, with the support of our editorial team and in partnership with the physicians, researchers, and patients featured on our programs, ensure that each interview is of the highest quality and integrity.

Patient Power is supported by a diverse community of organizations working to improve the health of the public. Financial support for our programs, provided in one of the ways listed below, will always be prominently disclosed on the program page and in the program audio, video or text, as appropriate.  

  • Sponsorship from respected medical centers whose experts are leading experts in their fields
  • Educational grants from industry made either directly to Patient Power or in partnership with a non-profit advocacy group 
  • Advertising-based sponsorship of specific health topics by industry partners working in a relevant disease area 

In each case, while we may accept suggestions for guests and topics to be covered, Patient Power remains in control of the content. Our discussions are unscripted and measured against only one guiding standard: doing what’s best for patients.  

Our reputation and your good faith are of the utmost importance! If you have any questions or ever feel we have not lived up to this mission, please email us at

Editorial Board 

Patient Power's editorial activities are overseen and periodically reviewed by our editorial board. 

Andrew Schorr 
Medical Journalist 
President, Patient Power 

Peter Frishauf, MS 
Founder, Medscape