Patient Power and MD Anderson Cancer Center present Living Well with Myeloproliferative Neoplasms (MPN)

More than 175 MPN patients and caregivers attended a live forum in Houston, TX, as our expert panel shared the latest MPN treatment and research news as well as helpful strategies for coping with fatigue, side effects and communicating with your healthcare team. Inspiring patient advocates joined the panel discussion to tell their inspiring stories and share their advice for living well.

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Aspirin's Role in Treating MPNs

Aspirin can reduce blood clots and,aid in the prevention of thrombocythemia. Dr. Jorge Cortes of MD Anderson Cancer Center explains the role of aspirin in MPN treatment.


What is JAK?

MPN expert, Dr. Jorge Cortes, from MD Anderson Cancer Center helps viewers to understand JAK—what is JAK? What does it do? And what are JAK inhibitors?


Agents Used to Combat MPNs

Dr. Jorge Cortes of MD Anderson Cancer Center provides an overview of the current available treatments for myeloproliferative neoplasms (MPNs).


Weighing the Benefits and Risks of Phlebotomy

Drs. Jorge Cortes and Ruben Mesa discuss how a phlebotomy is performed in addition to both advantages and risks of this procedure.


Controlling JAK2 Inhibitors

Dr. Jorge Cortes discusses turning off JAK2 inhibitors, their role in treating MPN patients and what we have yet to learn.


When to Consider a Clinical Trial

When should a patient consider a clinical trial? How do you start that conversation with your doctor? Dr. Jorge Cortes discusses the goals of clinical trials and how they increase our understanding.


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Featured Guests

Chair of the CML Section in the Department of Leukemia

Director, Mays Family Foundation Distinguished University Presidential Chair Professor of Medicine

UT Health San Antonio Cancer Center

Director, Clinical Research Center for MPN, Department of Leukemia; MPN Specialist

Physician Assistant, Division of Hematology

Patient Advocate

Patient Advocate

Patient Advocate

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