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Myeloma Connections: Dinner with the Docs – June 25

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Hello, everyone! Join us on Friday, June 25th, at 6 pm PT for a regional program about living with  multiple myeloma. This exciting and informative discussion is your chance to connect with local multiple myeloma experts. This series is hosted in partnership with Mayo Arizona.

Host and patient advocate Yelak Biru will talk to Shaji Kumar, MD, Professor of Hematological Malignancies at the Mayo Clinic in Rochester, MN, and Ashkan Lashkari, MD, Hematologist & Oncologist at Wellness Oncology and Hematology, about everything  from the latest treatment options to managing side effects. Our experts will cover your questions, ranging from new treatment protocols to the latest vaccine news.

Dinner accommodations will be provided  by Patient Power  to each night's first 30  registrants in the form of an Amazon gift card that can be used at Whole Foods or Amazon Fresh. Limit one per household. 

Send your myeloma-related questions in advance to

Support for this series has been provided by Karyopharm Therapeutics. Patient Power maintains complete  editorial  control and is solely responsible for program content. 

This event is intended for Arizona, New Mexico, Southern California, and Nevada residents. We welcome everyone outside the region to watch  the webinar on  FACEBOOK LIVE  on June 25th at 6 pm PST. See you soon! 

Hosts and Guests

Yelak Biru


Yelak Biru

Myeloma Patient Advocate & Survivor

Shaji Kumar, MD


Shaji Kumar MD

Professor of Hematological Malignancies, Mayo Clinic - Rochester, MN

Ashkan Lashkari, MD


Ashkan Lashkari MD

Hematologist & Oncologist, Wellness Oncology and Hematology


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