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Our mission is to fortify the health care consumer with the knowledge and tools to feel more confident playing a central role in decisions that affect their health, putting them more in control of their health and health care.

To especially empower patients and families dealing with cancer and serious, life-long chronic conditions so their “journey” can be better.

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What Should CLL Patients Know About Their Blood Work?

What tests are recommended for CLL patients? How do lab results impact care? Tune in to hear Dr. Susan Leclair and Dr. Justin Taylor discuss timing and frequency of CLL blood tests and how to interpret results.


Where Can AML Patients and Caregivers Connect With Support?

What support programs are offered to those living with AML? Watch now to learn about resources that help patients and caregivers find community through their AML journeys.


How Do Medicare and Medicaid Impact Clinical Trial Participation?

Can you participate in a clinical trial if you’re a patient insured through Medicare or Medicaid? Watch as clinical trial experts debunk common myths and misconceptions.


AML Patient and Expert Perspectives: What Is Transplant Like?

Dr. Uma Borate and Don Armstrong discuss the transplant process for AML patients, optimal timing for this treatment and potential side effects. Watch now to learn more.


What Is the Treatment Approach for Patients With Secondary AML?

What is the course of care for people who develop secondary AML? Tune in to hear expert Dr. Uma Borate discuss disease presentation, treatment strategy and more.


Relationships and Chronic Lymphocytic Leukemia: Navigating CLL Together

How does CLL impact marriage, family life, children and friendships? Watch as CLL patients and care partners discuss how to cope through challenges, support one another and navigate cancer together.


Understanding AML Treatment: What to Expect During a Clinical Trial

What is the clinical trial process like? Watch now to hear Dr. Uma Borate and Amanda Fowler discuss aspects of clinical trials for AML patients.


Genetic Re-Testing for AML: Can Patients Develop New Driver Mutations?

Should genetic tests be repeated for AML patients? Watch now to hear noted expert Dr. Uma Borate discuss new mutations and recommendations for testing.


Where Can AML Patients Find Support for Treatment Costs?

What resources can help people cope with cancer-related expenses? Watch as Amanda Fowler shares ways the LLS can provide support to AML families.


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