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What Multiple Myeloma Patients Need to Know About COVID-19, With Joshua Richter, MD, Mount Sinai

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Published on March 23, 2020

This content provided by our partner: Myeloma Crowd on March 23, 2020


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In this audio podcast, host Jennifer Alhstrom and Dr. Joshua Richter discuss special considerations for patients with multiple myeloma.  Click the image above to listen to this interview.

The coronavirus (COVID-19) is causing concern and disruption for normally healthy global citizens, but there are additional issues for multiple myeloma patients who are frequent visitors to hospitals and are often immunocompromised. Learn from myeloma expert Joshua Richter, MD of Mount Sinai about current recommendations for multiple myeloma patients regarding treatments, doctor visits, blood draws, stem cell transplant and other infusions in light of this unique global situation. Learn more about what myeloma patients can do to protect themselves during this important time, Thanks to our episode sponsor, Bristol Myers-Squibb.



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