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Will New Myeloma Drugs Bring Us Closer to a Cure?

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Published on September 11, 2020

What are the Experts Excited About When It Comes to New Treatments for Myeloma?

What do two renowned multiple myeloma experts want to say to patients about new treatments? What are they excited or hopeful about as far as advancements in the field? Dr. Cesar Rodriguez of Wake Forest Baptist Health and Dr. Natalie S. Callander from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health discuss latest myeloma treatment options and why they are hopeful.


Transcript | Will New Myeloma Drugs Bring Us Closer to a Cure?

Are There New Drugs for Multiple Myeloma?

Dr. Rodriguez:

I want to tell the audience that even though nobody wishes myeloma on anybody, and it's something that nobody wants to experience. The one thing I want to tell you is that right now there's so many new changes and so much development going on in myeloma, that it is the right time to be in this field because there's new drugs coming out every year that increase that window of hope. Can we keep it in remission for a longer period of time? Can we put it back into remission with a new line of therapy? And will we be able to find out that drug that's going to eventually kind of keep it at bay for the rest of our lives?

So I think we're all very hopeful that with all these new drugs that are coming out, we're eventually going to find either the drug that has the least toxicities and is the most effective, or maybe hopefully find the drug that will be the cure. But for now, I don't want you guys to lose hope and I want you to just think that whatever treatment you're getting right now, even if it's just going to add one more year of keeping the disease at bay it's one more year that we have that we could possibly come up with a new treatment that you could try at that point.

How Will These New Drugs Affect Myeloma Treatment?

Dr. Callander:

I totally agree with what Dr. Rodriguez says it's so exciting to see new drugs coming out and having new options for patients. But I'm actually very excited that we have research going on that's going to try to limit time on chemotherapy because I think with very few exceptions, I would say all the patients I take care of are happier off chemo than they are on chemo, and if we can really figure out ways about... it's safe to take you off chemotherapy we can give you a break, or we can give this therapy for a limited amount of time. I think that's also one of the very exciting things that's happening in myeloma research to say, "Hey, we're not going to keep you on chemotherapy indefinitely." So I'm very excited about that.

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