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Dinner with the Docs - Southern California

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Rather than a brief visit in an exam room with your doctor to discuss your multiple myeloma diagnosis, treatment and COVID-19 questions, imagine if you could enjoy a meal with them instead? Southern California myeloma patients got to do just that, even during the pandemic, in a 90-minute “virtual” dinner via Zoom. In partnership with the Institute for Myeloma and Bone Cancer Research (IMBCR), Patient Power connected doctors and patients for exciting and informative discussions about myeloma treatment advances and research updates with specialists. Over the course of three nights, Southern California patients and their families discussed the latest myeloma news with local experts.

Here are three video replays that have powerful excerpts from the dinner discussions. Although they were initially for a Southern California audience, we are sure the information will resonate with you.

Support for this series has been provided by Karyopharm Therapeutics. Patient Power maintains complete editorial control and is solely responsible for program content.