I am so impressed with your work. You are one of my absolute go-to websites…thanks to your site and others we have such a clear idea of what is happening, next steps if necessary, etc. Can't thank you enough.

~Patient Power Community Member

Featured Programs

Sex Concerns for Men and Women With Cancer

How can patients overcome physical and emotional challenges from cancer treatment and maintain affection with their partner? Expert Dr. Leslie Schover explains.


A Brief Yoga Tutorial for Cancer Patients and Care Partners

Certified yoga therapist Raquel Jex Forsgren guides the panel through a deeply relaxing, at-home practice designed for patients and care partners. Watch now to see if you can sense the difference.


A Family Affair: How a Strong Support System Can Benefit Everyone Involved

Developing a strong support system is vital for everyone involved in the journey with cancer. How can family and friends help improve health outcomes? Watch now to find out.


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