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PatientsLikeMe is a free website where patients can share their experience, learn from others, and find answers from patients like them. Through the site, patients are contributing their real-world experiences and creating insights that can accelerate research and change medicine for the better. Inspired by a loved one's experiences with Lou Gehrig's disease, PatientsLikeMe was founded to enable patients, researchers, and industry to create a healthcare system that truly puts patients at the center. 

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When Should Lung Cancer Patients Seek a Second Opinion?

Janet Freeman-Daily and other lung cancer experts and advocates share information on becoming an engaged, empowered patient.


David Gewirtz: Metastatic Lung Cancer Patient, Now Living Cancer-Free

David Gewirtz, a 4-year metastatic lung cancer survivor, shares his passion for advocacy and living every day to the fullest.


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