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How Can CLL Patients Talk to Their Doctors About Clinical Trials?

CLL patients want to know what their choices are for treatment, including clinical trial opportunities. Watch now to hear an expert panel discuss navigating clinical trials.


Follow Your Instincts: Jay’s CLL Story

CLL patient and advocate Jay Sperling shares his experience undergoing various treatments and why he feels it's important to trust your gut in cancer care. Watch to hear his story.


Does Participating in a CLL Trial Preclude Me From Other Treatments?

A panel of experts address concerns CLL patients may have when considering a clinical trial. Watch now to learn more about CLL clinical trial participation.


Information Gathering As a Care Partner

Care partner and avid researcher Alice Sperling, whose husband was diagnosed with CLL, discusses how she finds reliable sources, stays up-to-date and what she chooses to share with her spouse.


What Tests Are Used to Assess AML Treatment Response?

What tests help with assessing AML treatment response? Watch as Dr. Daniel Pollyea explains tests for AML patients to identify risk factors, guide treatment and evaluate response.


CLL Care: Does FCR Still Have a Role?

Is chemotherapy still recommended for CLL? Watch now to hear Dr. Jeff Sharman and Dr. Jeffrey Menashe discuss the safety and efficacy of chemo vs. novel agents.


What’s the Course of Care for AML Patients Who Relapse?

How long will AML remission last? What options do relapsed patients have? Watch now as Dr. Daniel Pollyea discusses treatment goals, remission duration and next steps after a relapse.


Changing CLL Treatment Landscape: Updates From an Expert

What new therapies are in the pipeline for CLL? Tune in to hear CLL specialist Dr. Nicole Lamanna share insight on treatment updates and progress in clinical trials.


What CLL Drug Approvals Are Underway?

Are there more tools being developed to treat CLL? Watch as Dr. Jeff Sharman discusses a new therapy that is predicted to gain FDA approval.


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