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Become a Partner for Patient Advocacy and Support Groups

Patient Power is committed to providing reliable health information through conversational interviews and “breaking news” with leading medical experts and Powerful Patients. Our goal is to join with your organization in its commitment to support people with serious diagnoses through all stages of their journey, giving them confidence to be more in control of their health care. We believe our speedy and visual communications approach can work synergistically with your services and resources while keeping you prominent in the mind of those served. Together, we can bring much needed information straight to the people who need it most.

Educational Content for Your Audience

Over the past several years, Patient Power has produced more than 5,000 patient education programs, bringing together the world’s leading medical experts and patients to give others valuable information and hope. We invite you to link to our extensive library to augment your informational materials and partner in creating new content to fill an unmet need. Don't worry! We make it easy for you.

Communicating in Audio and Video

Topical audio and video interviews, often broadcast live from key medical conferences or when news breaks are our “currency”. Often we feature partners in these programs and we work together to achieve financial support and wide distribution. Since we are a media organization and not a non-profit, there may be funds available to you to enable us to work together, with Patient Power doing the production to create content we all value. Keep in mind that in many cancers we have large databases of opt-in patients. We like our partners to have high visibility to those people.

Social Media

We also syndicate new and existing programming throughout the year through FacebookTwitter, and partner social media profiles. Once we have an established relationship with you, any content that you approve flows effortlessly to your community

Patient Power and Our Patient-Journalists As Your Own News Crew

Patient Power’s content is propelled by medical journalists who are also patients. This includes our co-founder, Andrew Schorr, a medical journalist living with two blood-related cancers. Many on our team are well-known to leading medical experts who we interview at medical conferences and throughout the year. They trust us and understand our reach.  Let’s “harmonize” your contacts and ours to bring the latest information to patients and care partners.

Awareness for Your Activities

When patients first receive a diagnosis, they often search for information about their disease. Over time, they recognize the importance of joining with others who have “been where they are.” As a source of health information, Patient Power would like to introduce them to your organization through relevant mentions of your major events and news through, our social media presences and other channels. Our partners are seen prominently on our site and increasingly are part of the content we produce. Our goal is to help patients connect with you.

Be the First to Know

We always want our partners to be the first to know about exciting new content. We produce content in association with major academic medical centers and through educational grants throughout the year. Our partner video-newsletter will keep you and your organization abreast of new programs and opportunities for awareness.

Where’s the “Catch?”

There isn’t one. We are not asking you for precious funds. We are not trying to sap your precious resources or staff time. We truly wish to be seen as a partner where we work together to serve patients and their families and acknowledge each other as partners, and as partners have an ongoing dialogue to always improve our relationship. Many organizations have already benefited, and we know we have, as have patients. We hope you can join in.

Let's Get Started!

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