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What Is Patient Engagement?


Patient Engagement is another layer of Patient Power’s interaction to connect patients with cancer researchers and others seeking input from cancer patients. If your organization has a need to connect with patients, think of Patient Engagement as a media channel to build a trusted relationship between patients and researchers.


Patient Engagement Essentials


Our offerings include a wide variety of formats including ad boards, patient immersions, focus groups, patient interviews, patient speakers, expert patient advisors and video productions.

Patient Engagement’s focus is to:

  • Connect  thousands of patients to the industry
  • Integrate  the patient voice throughout various activities
  • Communicate across many business stakeholders to build a relationship of trust between patients and researchers
  • Give purpose to pharma professionals in what they do in their work every day


To learn more about Patient Engagement, please contact


 Patient Engagement Testimonials


In the past couple of years, I have addressed several audiences in the pharmaceutical industry to talk about living with chronic lymphocytic leukemia. I would not have had this opportunity without the Patient Engagement Team at Patient Power. They not only handle all the details, they are wonderful people who I am privileged to have gotten to know. It is no exaggeration that their efforts have changed the way I see my cancer and my life. I hope to be in touch with them, personally if not professionally, for the rest of my life.   ~Lee


I don't know where to start with the beautiful Patient Engagement Team with Autumn and Lisa at Patient Power. They have approached me with some wonderful opportunities that have allowed me to give a voice to the multiple myeloma community. They have been a godsend in arranging and organizing opportunities and being a powerhouse of professionalism. I absolutely adore them and the work they have committed to giving others like myself the opportunity to voice our concerns to the pharmaceutical community.  ~Yolanda


To learn more about Patient Engagement, please contact