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Who Do You Want Making Your Medical Decisions?

Who Do You Want Making Your Medical Decisions?
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Published on August 16, 2017


Who makes your medical decisions? We like to think it’s our doctors. We want it to be our doctors.
But we learned today that for millions of Americans that may not be the case. Our friend Stacey Worthy at Aimed Alliance writes, “53 million fellow patients may be in jeopardy by insurance providers who deny coverage for their treatments."

We’ve interviewed Stacey and met with her at major medical conferences, and now we’re proud to see her published in NEWSWEEK and fighting for us.

Stacey calls this “the hidden crisis in patient care." What can we do about it? Check out where she outlines what you can do if insurance puts up road blocks to your health.

You can read her full article at:

 ~Andrew and Esther Schorr

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Your site is AWESOME! Thank you all so much for this incredible resource to families who are in crisis/affected by cancer.

— Loyal Patient Power viewer

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