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Sponsorship Opportunities

Patient Power content and programs are made possible in part through the support of sponsoring organizations and companies, clearly identified on programs or on our Health Center center pages. Although sponsors play a key role in enabling Patient Power to serve the cancer community, they are not involved in the selection of the topics covered nor do sponsors control the content. Suggestions are accepted. Decisions on such matters are made solely by the Patient Power editorial staff, which is committed to providing objective, timely and balanced content to our visitors.

We welcome all sponsors that share in our mission of providing the latest, most credible, fair and balanced information to patients and their care partners. If you have interest in sponsoring our efforts, please email us at

Sponsorships can fund any or all of this expanding of activities including:

  • Disease-specific and/or general lifestyle content
  • Expert video interviews
  • Patient video stories
  • Conference coverage video interviews from major medical conferences
  • In-person patient educational events
  • Ask-the-Expert video or audio series
  • Clinical Trial Awareness and Access to Site Details
  • Online caucuses of patient social media leaders

Health Center Sponsorship

Access targeted cancer communities and create awareness and visibility among a community of patients, caregivers and experts about specific cancer topics. All therapeutic center sponsorships can include an annual commitment of a variety of video interviews, patient stories, video blogs, community surveys, email alerts and conference coverage news interviews.

Newsletter Sponsorship

Enhance your sponsorship by participating in our newsletters with sponsored content, or work with us to create a tailored sponsored section for your sponsored programs.

Whether you represent a medical center, government, or a pharmaceutical or medical device company, we believe there are worthy and appropriate ways for you to support patient education and empowerment leveraging our growing voice to consumers who are actively seeking the kind of trusted information we provide. Within the last year, Patient Power programs and content, via, social media, and our distribution partners, have reached millions of people affected by serious conditions. Our reach and measurable impact continues to grow significantly and we hope you can support that effort and benefit from it.

Fueling our growth is the use of our syndicated audio/video player loaded with programs and content to a specific patient population. Many advocacy groups are using it as well as distribution partners. We have numerous versions of our content loaded in distinct players that are available through a wide range of websites, e-newsletters, and coming soon, mobile applications.

If you have interest in supporting our efforts through one of our funding models, please contact us at