Understanding CLL: What You Should Know About Treatment, Genetic Testing and Research

September 22, 2018

An audience of CLL patients and their caregivers joined us at a recent town meeting along with Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University to hear the latest treatment and research news, inspiring stories of people living well with CLL, tips for effective communication with a healthcare team and more.

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What Is the Goal of CLL Frontline Treatment?

What exactly is the goal of CLL frontline treatment? Watch now as CLL expert Dr. Jonathon Cohen of Emory University School of Medicine explains.


What Does MRD Mean for CLL Patients?

What is MRD-negative and how is it measured? Watch as CLL experts Dr. Jonathon Cohen and Dr. Kerry Rogers discuss goals of therapy and assessing patient response to treatment.


Strategies to Help Alleviate the Emotional Burden of CLL

Can emotional distress increase CLL symptom burden? Who can patients talk to about depression? Watch now to hear CLL expert opinions.


Infection Preventative Strategies: How Does CLL Impact the Immune System?

How does CLL impact the immune system? Watch as CLL experts Dr. Jean Koff and Dr. Jonathon Cohen explain disease burden and immunity, vaccine recommendations and more.


Advice for Improving Patient-Doctor Communication

Expert Mona Shums, from the Winship Cancer Institute, shares how CLL patients can optimize communication with their health care team. Watch now to learn more about the patient’s role in CLL care.


CLL Prognosis: What Can Genetic Testing Reveal About Progression?

What diagnostic testing is important for CLL patients? How do genetic mutations impact prognosis, disease behavior and treatment decisions? Watch now to hear recommendations from a panel of experts.


What Factors Contribute to CLL-Related Fatigue?

Does fatigue level correspond with a patient’s CLL? Watch now to hear a panel of experts explain the complexities of identifying and treating CLL-related fatigue.


Beatrice’s Story: Why It’s Important to Pay Attention to Your Body

While positive thinking and physical activity are important, how can tuning into your symptoms help increase quality of life? Are you ignoring messages from your body? Watch now to meet CLL patient Beatrice Meyer as she shares practical advice to help others enjoy life with cancer.


Session 2: What You Should Know About CLL Treatment, Genetic Testing and Research

Watch the replay of session two of our “Understanding CLL: What You Should Know About Treatment, Genetic Testing and Research” town meeting.


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This town meeting was sponsored by AbbVie, Inc., Pharmacyclics, LLC and TG Therapeutics.

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