Cognitive Impact of Myeloma Treatment: What Do Studies on Chemo Brain Reveal?

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At a recent town meeting in Atlanta, audience member Mark inquired about the cognitive effects of the multiple myeloma treatment lenalidomide (Revlimid). What do studies on chemo brain reveal? Tune in to hear myeloma expert Dr. Jonathan Kaufman, fromThe Winship Cancer Institute, discuss where research is today on the negative cognitive impact of long-term myeloma treatment. 

This town meeting is sponsored by Amgen, Janssen Pharmaceuticals and Adaptive Biotechnologies. It is produced by Patient Power in partnership with Winship Cancer Institute of Emory University.

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So getting back to the question, I think that the cognitive impact, the negative cognitive impact of long-term Revlimid use is hugely understudied, and we hear about it all the time, but there's not been a lot of good data available that really understands why it occurs.  But I think it's certainly a very good question that needs to be addressed.

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