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Welcome to Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

Welcome to Waldenstrom Macroglobulinemia

Published on December 10, 2019

Welcome to our brand-new Waldenstrom health center. Stay tuned as we build out the site and add expert interviews, the latest news and updates, and other resources. If there is a specific topic you want to hear about, or if you’re willing to share your story, please email

Waldenstrom macroglobulinemia (WM; also called lymphoplasmacytic lymphoma or LPL) is a cancer of the lymphatic system. It begins in the white blood cells and causes the bone marrow to produce an excess of abnormal white blood cells. This crowds out healthy blood cells and may cause complications like reduced circulation, heart and kidney problems, fatigue, and more. Waldenstrom is a rare cancer, with approximately 1,500 patients being diagnosed each year in the United States

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