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When Someone You Love Has Metastatic Breast Cancer

Published on December 9, 2020

What Do You Do When Your Loved One Has Metastatic Breast Cancer?

Metastatic breast cancer does not only affect the patient – it has a profound impact on their loved ones as well. In this episode of our 8-part Let’s Talk Metastatic Breast Cancer series, a panel of partners and children share their personal experiences and advice for others living with someone with a long-term disease.

Host and Patient Power co-founder Esther Schorr guides the discussion on practical ways to support metastatic breast cancer patients as well as coping strategies. She is joined by social worker Eucharia Borden as well as patient caregivers: Tom Gongaware, Hunter Turney, and Scott Reece.

This program is sponsored by Seattle Genetics. This organization has no editorial control. It is produced by Patient Power, and Patient Power is solely responsible for program content.

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